Experienced, Trusted, Neutral

Our practice is devoted entirely to service as experienced neutrals assisting parties and courts in the fair and efficient disposition of civil claims and litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We facilitate mediation in a wide range of cases and disputes including personal injury, workplace, construction defect, real property, business contract and environmental matters. We regularly assist parties in multi-party and complex litigation, providing services as mediators, “Special Master” and “Discovery Referee”.

Complex and Multi Party Cases

In connection with complex and multi-party cases, we can assist the courts and parties in managing communication and documents through Internet-based facilities and other current technology.

Contested Hearings

For cases requiring contested hearing, we offer arbitration services, solely as neutral arbitrators, and service as judge pro tempore.

Special Counsel

We also serve as independent, neutral investigators ("Special Counsel") in sensitive matters, utilizing our broad experiences in litigation, enforcement and adjudication.

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2020 was a year of change and evolution.  Part of our evolution is the relocation of our base of operations from our long-time home at the Resolution Arts Building in Midtown Sacramento.  This affects both our practice and that of our building partner, Ernie Long.

                                                  We are both continuing our practices without interruption.

Until the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic allow us to resume in-person mediations, arbitrations and other ADR services, we will continue to provide those services remotely as we have been doing since March of 2020.

We will announce a new practice location as soon as circumstances allow.

Our contact phone number and email addresses remain the same and only our mailing address is changing:

  • Effective immediately, and until further notice, our mailing address is Richard L. Gilbert, Judge of the Superior Court (Ret.), 2111 J Street, Suite 408, Sacramento, CA 95816.
  • Email Amanda Gilbert for information concerning scheduling and other case management issues: amandacgilbert@rgilbertadr.com.
  • Our website at https://www.rgilbertadr.com provides information concerning our practice, scheduling, resumes, rates and fees and other information along with contact forms for scheduling and other matters.
  • Wherever possible correspondence, briefs and other matters should be sent electronically via email attachment or cloud link (Dropbox, etc.).
  • Our telephone and fax remain the same: T- 916.442.0414, F 916.442.7046

  You can contact Mr. Long via email at ELONG@ernestalongadr.com.  Further information on Mr. Long’s practice can be found on his website, https://ernestalongadr.com.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with the finest ADR services

Our Coronavirus Response

We continue to provide comprehensive ADR services including Mediation and Arbitration using “Zoom” video conference technology. The Zoom platform provides an easy to use, easily accessible flexible format with separate private “breakrooms” for the parties. There is no cost to our clients for this service.

Pending additional guidance on safely managing in-person services, all services will be provided remotely through at least May 1, 2021 when we will further assess how best and safely to serve our clients.

Click here for more information on our use of this service and to see a sample email with instructions to join virtual mediation participants.

Click here for more information available on the Zoom website.