NEW Daily and Hourly Rates (effective July 1, 2023)

  • Mediation: $10,000 per day or portion of a day. We do not typically charge for pre-mediation preparation or post-mediation follow-up. In extraordinary cases involving substantial pre or post-mediation work, time is billed at $1,250 per hour. An advance fee deposit of $10,000 is required.
  • Arbitration: $10,000 per hearing day or portion of a hearing day. Time spent on pre- and post-arbitration hearing work (e.g.: pre-hearing conferences, motions, post-hearing decision preparation and the like) is billed at $1,250 per hour. A minimum deposit of $10,000 is required.
  • Special Master, Discovery Referee and similar services are billed at the rate of $1,250 per hour and are subject to a 4 hour per assignment minimum fee. Time in excess of the minimum is billed based on actual time spent.

Payment Arrangements

Bills for mediation concluded within one session are generally sent at the end of the mediation. Where proceedings are extended, an advance deposit may be required or an interim billing sent.

Advance payment is generally required in all arbitrations, judge pro tempore and similar contested matters and proceedings may be stopped or suspended in case of a failure to make a required deposit.

There are no additional administrative or set up fees.Costs of travel or travel time for out of area matters may be assessed.

Payment Methods

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept online or electronic payments (credit card or bank transfers).  Checks by mail are preferred.  If more convenient, and acceptable to your banking institution, you can email us a PDF check form using the form link below.

Download and fill the form out with all of the required information.  Your completed check will look like the image below.  The sample shown is for payment of a fee deposit.  If you are paying an invoice, check that box instead and fill in the invoice number.

When completed, download the form and email it to amandacgilbert@rgilbertadr.com.  Let us know in the email you require receipt acknowledgement of receipt.

Some banks have difficulty processing these check forms.  We will advise you if there is a problem and request you to mail a standard paper check.

Click HERE for the PDF form.

Cancellation Policy

We recognize everyone’s difficulties in case scheduling and that cases sometimes take unexpected turns. In fairness to our calendar, however, we do impose a cancellation fee equal to the daily rate for cancellation of one day or shorter matters canceled or re-set with less than 10 business days notice for any reason. In multi-day matters, we require 20 business days’ notice of cancellation or re-scheduling (measured from the first scheduled session) and reserve the right to charge the full daily rate for the time reserved if we are unable to re-book the dates with other matters.

Our Office Has Moved

Please be aware that our office has moved to a new location.